Professional Development

Our consultants work with organizations interested in developing employee’s skills to increase efficacy and productivity. Some examples of professional development training topics include:

Time Management

Many people have ‘too much to do, and not enough time to do it’, including many tasks and conflicting demands.  We offer training for individuals looking to review and truly understand time management techniques such as prioritizing, negotiating needs, and short and long-term goal setting. We will help you explore individual common pitfalls of managing time. Our trainers can help you identify your problem areas and implement new strategies for effective self-management.

Email Writing: Do’s and Don’ts

Email has become the primary mode of communication. Writing effectively boosts personal and organizations productivity.  Emails can be used for diverse purposes ranging from conveying information, documentation, soliciting help or assigning work.  We will work with professionals to streamline their email texts and subject lines, and ultimately to increase the odds of the recipient reading and appropriately responding.

Effective Presentations

Most professionals are tasked with presenting information in some form or fashion—whether formally or informally, to a large group or a small gathering. Our coaches offer insights into cohesive storytelling, content organization, PowerPoint usage, and more. We will also help participants expand their self-confidence, decrease their anxiety, and master communication through their voice, gestures, facial expressions, body language, and more.

Negotiation Skills

Our training in negotiation ships teaches employees to effectively manage their important business relationships by turning complicated interactions and conversations into collaborative problem-solving.   We help employees learn how to maximize gains to all parties, while enhancing long-term working relationships and turning touch scenarios into win-win solutions.

Conflict Resolution

In any organization, successful working relationships will yield effective employees and growth.  Conflict within or between groups can paralyze a group’s productivity and even cause destructive efforts to the company. In addition, unresolved conflict between two people frequently spreads to others: concentration, creativity and morale go down; while mistakes and absenteeism goes up. Our conflict resolution training can help employees prevent conflict and master the art of turning points of contention into the grounds for productive, creative, morale-boosting solutions.

Stress Management

Stress is a fact of life on the job and off – notably impacting your ability to concentrate and meet deliverables. This JP Kantor Consulting seminar teaches how to identify and effectively cope with the demands of your work and personal lives. The physical and emotional components of stress are discussed, including a proactive approach to managing your stress.  Relaxation techniques can be taught including the opportunity to experience progressive relaxation. Personal coping profiles will be expanded to meet the demands of your work.

Maximizing Potential and Positive Thinking

Pressure. Guilt. Demand. Success. Failure. Problem. Challenge. Opportunity. Responsibility. The words we use affect how we feel and what we do. Thinking patterns can impact emotions, success and productivity; and thinking patterns can be retrained to think more positively and constructively. Employees can learn techniques to transform their problems into challenges to be met and mastered. In this seminar, we show participants how they can maximize their potential through thinking more positively.

Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult people present themselves in diverse ways; yet they all are destructive to the morale and productivity of an organization.  Difficult bosses in particular, can leave an employee feeling less competent than she/he actually is. Learning to effectively deal with difficult co-workers and bosses empowers employees to professionally handle employees to minimize any negative outflow from others and improve their work environment.

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