Management Training

A team can only be as strong as its leadership, and successful companies thrive the most when their managers are skilled in giving and receiving feedback, in listening and communicating, in delegating well, and in bringing sensitivity to the workplace. Our consultants design, develop, and deliver customized training programs that help managers function at the highest possible level.

Some management training service examples include:

Performance Management

A successful manager objectively evaluates employees evaluations and provides staff with specific, job-related feedback that is constructive and actionable. This training provides managers and supervisors with tools to review their direct reports in a productive manner. Feedback strategies, including verbal, nonverbal and environmental issues are discussed. Training will be based on current performance appraisal at your company or firm; or assistance will be provided to develop a standardized appraisal system. Legal issues will be addressed and clarified.

Giving and Getting Feedback

Over and above formal reviews, effective managers provide on-going feedback throughout the year. . As such, our professionals can train management team members and provide tactics for easing the feedback loop and enhancing development. Sample topics include: listening, constructive vs. destructive feedback, environment factors, timing, obstacles to giving and getting feedback, using words, affect and actions.

Listening Skills

Strong leadership, negotiation and effective communication all hinge on the ability to actively listen. When you actively listen, you can utilize the information obtained to then make your message heard.  In this training, we help participants evaluate his/her communication patterns and identify more effective ways to be heard by others. We will also help participants better understand the key aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication.

Email Communication

E-mail has become the primary way we communicate at work.   Writing emails takes an enormous time out of your day and reading emails can get overwhelming – especially as your Inbox gets full.  This training helps managers and employees learn how to make emails work better for them.  We will breakdown emails into their diverse uses, and identify strategies to increase efficacy.  Participants will learn critical strategies of writing including discussing Subject line and writing shorter emails such that they are read and actually responded to.

Diversity and Sensitivity

Workplace demographics continue to grow in their diversity, which is very much a good thing; it means there are more perspectives and more avenues for creative problem-solving. However, it is essential for the management team to foster diversity and to bring cultural sensitivity to the workplace. Cultural collisions can create an atmosphere of mistrust, in which productivity is hindered, but our consultants can deliver training to help managers better understand and embrace diversity.

Avoiding Harassment in the Workplace

What constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace? The Courts have defined these terms, yet many managers remain in the dark about what the legal guidelines truly are. We offer training that educates participants about harassment laws and translates the laws into practical realities for the group. This includes discussing grey areas of the law as they apply to behaviors at work. We can help address the managers’ role in ensuring a workplace that is sensitive to diversity and avoids becoming hostile.

Managing Up

In the office, people succeed when they achieve successful working relationships with people above and below them in the organizational structure. Creating a productive working relationship with your boss and others above you in the organization involves understanding yourself and other leaders. This seminar helps leaders learn to ‘market yourself’’ in order to advance your career.

Coping with Change

It is relatively common for organizations to go through reorganization, or else to be impacted by downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, or outsourcing.  Managers sometimes have a hard time adjusting to these new realities, especially when they are asked to “do more with less.” In this training, we will work with participants to better understand the change process, articulate their personal responses to workplace changes, and to become more productive in their new setting.

Gender Differences at Work

Men and women have long expressed frustrations with each other, whether working together or involved in relationships. However, it is important for everyone on your team to communicate with one another effectively—even across gender lines. This workshop looks at behavioral, thought and interaction patterns in men and women. We will explore ways to minimize misunderstandings, differences in verbal and nonverbal communication patterns, perception, and beyond.

Leadership and Workstyle Assessment Tools

Standardized leadership, workstyle, and personality assessments provide valuable information to individual professionals and teams at large.  Understanding thinking, feeling, behavior and interpersonal styles in ourselves and others affords increased satisfaction and productivity at work.  JP Kantor Consulting offers the following assessment tools:

  • DiSC Leadership Profile
  • FIRO-B
  • Hogan Assessments
  • Leadership Challenge
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

To learn more about any of these services, please contact JP Kantor Consulting.