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As trusted advisors, we work closely and strategically with individuals – engaging with senior executives to help them meet the goals set for them as professionals and business leaders.

Sample coaching areas are:

360 Assessment

​Growth begins with an understanding of current behaviors, strengths and development areas. We gather surround sound feedback via: 

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Management input 
  • Questionnaires 
Individualized Engagements

Highly personalized work with people looking to grow and/or take their career to the next level, such as:

  • Communication skills, i.e., Presentation Skills
  • Executive presence
  • Becoming inspirational leader
  • Managing through change
Leadership Growth and Effectiveness

Leadership encompasses a wide span of skills. Overarching goals include:  

  • Individual growth 
  • Enhanced management skills
  • Positive impact on the organization
Women’s Leadership

We empower women to personally grow and influence their environment. Goals may include:

  • Building their personal brand
  • Becoming inspirational leaders
  • Navigating diversity, or lack of diversity, in an organization
Transitional Coaching

Getting promoted entails learning new skills and a shifting of priorities. Challenges may include:

  • Effective delegation
  • Time management
  • Executive presence