Pursuing Happiness & Success: The Science of Positivity

It may sound like stating the obvious, but your outlook on life, impacts your life.  Outlook is powerful in that a positive vs. negative perspective has the capability of shaping our successes vs. fueling our failures, respectively.  People generally have a disposition towards one perspective, which drives daily behavior.  However, ultimately the choices you make […]

Addressing Challenges and Solving Problems: A 4-Step Approach

Each and every day, we are faced with at least one challenge—and that is probably on what many of us might consider a “light” day.  Sometimes you call it challenges, other times problems.  Whatever you call them, the idea of facing problems can be scary, but it gets significantly easier when you actually realize that […]

360 Assessments: How to Use Them Wisely

360 Assessments can be powerful, and that is the good news. The challenge is to appreciate the power and use them wisely: They can promote development—and are an essential tool in executive coaching.  They are an opportunity to collect and report comprehensive data.  And most importantly, the reports should be written as “working documents” that […]

4 Tips for Controlling Emotions at Work

We’ve all faced stress at work. Maybe a project you have been toiling on day and night was suddenly cancelled, perhaps a client berated you, seemingly out of nowhere, or a close work associate was laid off unexpectedly. No matter the situation, a different response is required in a professional environment as opposed to your […]

How Long Do You Plan on Living?

I thought that headline might catch your attention. And I’m not joking. So what’s your answer? I know I am putting you on the spot right now, but that’s only because I recently had to face that question myself. When it was posed to me by my financial advisor, trust me when I say that […]