Addressing Challenges and Solving Problems: A 4-Step Approach

Each and every day, we are faced with at least one challenge—and that is probably on what many of us might consider a “light” day.  Sometimes you call it challenges, other times problems.  Whatever you call them, the idea of facing problems can be scary, but it gets significantly easier when you actually realize that […]

Essential Strategies for Managing Up…And Managing Down

Leaders today are often caught in between leading and managing the employees they are responsible for and remaining accountable to their supervisor and higher ups.  Holding the capability of both managing up and managing down is a skill. I have found many executives favor one over the other because of their comfort zone, how they […]

Emails: 10 Essential Do’s and 10 Hazardous Don’ts

Depending on which study you read, U.S. employees spend 25-90% of their workday reading and writing emails. Your ability to do so, in a positive manner, reflects not only your competence, but also your knowledge, effectiveness, personality, assertiveness, writing skills, respect for others, legal documentation, etc.  This list goes on and on.  Given that its […]

Why Delegate? 4 Tips for Learning to Let Go

As a leader or a manager, learning to delegate can feel like a challenge. Indeed, it can be one of those things that simply becomes an ongoing developmental process—you never stop learning or improving on that skill. While it’s true that delegation is a critical skill, it’s also one that is underutilized in the workplace. […]

Understanding Common Causes of Conflict

A business is a melting pot of different personalities and responsibilities. Each person plays a role in the company’s operations. While these differences can lead to more innovative ideas and solutions, they can also clash from time to time causing conflict. Conflict lets us know that there is disconnect in how things are running. Ignoring […]