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Case Studies

JP Kantor Consulting works with diverse business sectors and professions. Engagements are unique in that they are all personalized to each organization and individual. Examples of engagements include the following:

360 Assessment

  • Goal was to understand EVP’s strengths and development areas
  • Interviewed an EVP’s direct reports, peers, bosses, internal and external clients
  • Aggregated results of interviews and on-line assessment
  • Utilized results to establish individual goals to drive the coaching engagement

Strategic Planning

  • Assisted a leadership team to clarify strategic plan
  • Identified key components of a mission statement
  • Facilitated an offsite to initiate the strategy and write plan
  • Maximized buy-in of executives as they jointly generated goals
  • Clarified role and responsibilities

Transition with New Team

  • Worked with newly promoted SVP who inherited a newly reorganized team
  • Increased SVP’s ability to solidify team that was unfamiliar to each other and to the SVP
  • Assisted with restructuring, including overlaps of functions, sub-par employees and superstars
  • Improved delegating, mentoring and integrating direct reports

Presentation Skills

  • Coached a Chief Marketing Officer to improve his ability to engage with an audience
  • Decreasing his anxiety and learned new standards of preparedness
  • Addressed commonalities and differences in dynamic informal or formal presentations
  • Utilized videotape and highly personalized feedback to improve skills
  • Helped CMO enhance leadership effectiveness at organization and get new business

Challenging Work Style

  • Improved ability of a talented, but abrasive and dismissive executive to manage team
  • Modified attitude and behaviors from condescending to supportive
  • Increased awareness of his impact upon others
  • Developed new skills to motivate team and increase productivity

Organizational Alignment

  • Coached a principal to review goals and priorities within organization
  • Helped leader explore the degree of personal alignment with firm
  • Facilitated insights and an understanding of the culture
  • Created personal and professional changes to increase productivity

Management Training

  • Conducted needs assessment for entire firm
  • Developed buy-in and roll-out process for firm-wide program
  • Trained all senior associates and partners
  • Topics: Presentation Skills, Feedback, Diversity, Effective Meetings, Time Management & Negotiation
  • End goals were to enhance individual productivity and leadership effectiveness

Building a Team & Delegation

  • Coached Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of a national magazine to build an effective team
  • Resolved conflict related to diversity issues
  • Reviewed changing priorities and modified how she spent her time
  • Moved from editing and layout to leading staff and creating on-line strategy
  • Increased ad sales and circulation

Client Interactions & Business Development

  • Helped senior associate gain self-confidence to be proactive with existing clients
  • Enhance working relationships and work itself
  • Expand business development efforts in order to obtain new work for firm

Transition from ‘Executor’ to ‘Leader’

  • Coached a newly promoted partner to modify work activities
  • Moved from tactical to strategic functioning
  • Changed from managing the work to managing, mentoring and leading others

Executive Presence

  • Coached SVP to literally and figuratively move to the front of the room
  • Identified ways to get included in higher level meetings
  • Explored to modify attitude to be commensurate with leadership level
  • Modified non-verbal communication including body language, appearance and vocal qualities
  • Improved clarity and tone of verbal communications including driving meetings and strategies

Communication Skills

  • Worked with senior associate whose communication style was verbose and unorganized
  • Coached him to streamline verbal and written communication
  • Addressed email writing and interactions with diverse people
  • Improved ability to give and receive feedback, including having difficult conversations

Reducing Staff Turnover & Client Churn

  • Worked with president of professional services firm to assess organization
  • Determined causes of turnover and churn
  • Changed organizational structure and management requirements
  • Established client service model and delivery standards that decreased client churn
  • Modified roles and responsibilities to increase morale and productivity

Women’s Leadership

  • Worked with top 10 female leaders of organization to identify leadership needs
  • Made recommendations to CEO and COO on ways to retain and develop a diverse workforce
  • Consulted with CEO and COO to develop innovative programs
  • Attracted and retained new talent based on changes in culture and practices

Organizational Redesign

  • Conducted a needs assessment of division of large professional services company
  • Helped EVP move from away from centralized structure based on service area
  • Changed to decentralized structure based on location
  • Maximized buy-in with methodical change management process
  • Conducted management training around matrix functioning