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Thomas Matteo, M.S.

Thomas Matteo, M.S. has. thirty years of executive coaching, management and business consulting experience. From Financial Services to Media & Entertainment, he has coached executives in a broad range of industries. Clients include companies such as Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, MTV, Morgan Stanley, and Viacom.

Tom specializes in behavioral executive coaching, assisting senior management and high potential executives in furthering their leadership and management skills. He also helps executives new to a position or company to more effectively transition into their role.

In addition to utilizing traditional executive coaching techniques, Tom also focuses on addressing the day-to-day challenges of executives, as these become motivating factors in their development. Examples of these challenges include: managing up, dealing with conflict, delegating, leading through influence, peer relations and executive presence.

Tom’s credentials make him uniquely qualified to address the executive coaching needs of senior management and high potential executives. He combines extensive executive coaching expertise with significant management and business consulting experience.

This affords Tom the opportunity to assist from an executive coaching perspective while also having a complete understanding of the actual business dynamics and challenges of his client’s work. These qualifications enable Tom to help his clients navigate a broad range of business issues while furthering their leadership and management skills.

Tom has worked in the management consulting practice of Price Waterhouse, LLP, where he focused on leadership development while assisting clients with the challenges and dynamics of large-scale change. Prior to this he worked at American Express and Chemical Bank.

Tom holds a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management where he studied Management and Organization Development. He also holds a BA in both Economics and the Humanities from Queens College.