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Kira Copperman, LMSW

Kira Copperman, LMSW, is an executive coach, trainer and consultant focused on getting results. Kira has over 15 years’ experience in corporate management and human resources. Kira’s understanding of human behavior combined with her strong communication and management skills provide her with specific expertise in improving workplace communication to minimize risk and maximize impact. She assists leaders in optimizing workplace efficiency by creating an atmosphere that fosters growth, innovation and improved productivity for both internal and external stakeholders.

She is the author of Send/Receive/Confirm: Optimizing Communication in the Modern Workplace and an award winning researcher in the area of workplace communication. She is also the host of a radio show, “Lessons from the Corner Office.” She earned an Advanced Certification in Coaching from the Six Seconds Institute and is certified to administer Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Kira has been a featured speaker at national and local conferences on numerous topics, including understanding and improving emotional intelligence, working in a multi-generational workforce and performance management.

Kira has a broad base of experience. Clients have included: Citigroup, MTV Networks, Coach, 24/7 Real Media, ASPCA, Credit Suisse, Unilever, Polo Ralph Lauren, Barclays Capital, BBYO, Fitch Ratings, Everyday Health, UJA Federation, ESPN and GE Capital.

Kira creates programs that are tailored to the organizational culture, number of employees and business objectives. Through a strategic, interactive approach, her programs provide high quality, customized solutions that are easily implemented and designed to make a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line. Kira helps executives understand their own individual strengths and areas that may benefit from training or coaching. She works with management and employees to improve workplace collaboration and effectiveness. Managers, executives and teams will discover how to capitalize on strengths, lead cohesive teams and establish leadership presence with vision and direction.