Addressing Challenges and Solving Problems: A 4-Step Approach

Each and every day, we are faced with at least one challenge—and that is probably on what many of us might consider a “light” day.  Sometimes you call it challenges, other times problems.  Whatever you call them, the idea of facing problems can be scary, but it gets significantly easier when you actually realize that […]

Essential Strategies for Managing Up…And Managing Down

Leaders today are often caught in between leading and managing the employees they are responsible for and remaining accountable to their supervisor and higher ups.  Holding the capability of both managing up and managing down is a skill. I have found many executives favor one over the other because of their comfort zone, how they […]

8 Tips for Building Assertive Communication Skills as a Woman

Effective communication is always a hot topic in the professional world.  Indeed, communication experts agree that the most productive and progressive way to communicate is through honest and transparent dialogue—which is the basis of assertive communication. Assertive communication is defined as a communication skill that sits halfway between passivity and aggressiveness.  Sometimes, it is incorrectly […]