5 Ways to Improve your Presentation

Standing in front of a group – whether they’re colleagues or strangers – can make anyone feel slightly nervous. When giving a speech or presentation, however, you want to emit confidence. The audience is waiting to hear what you have to say and you want to make sure that you are engaging and informative. Knowing […]

Dealing with Demanding People Without Losing Your Cool

Personal interactions are a major component of business. Leaders spend a lot of time talking to executives, colleagues, clients, stakeholders, vendors, and more. Inevitably you will run into demanding people that will make things more challenging. If not handled properly, these situations have the potential to escalate into more serious problems. Understanding how to effectively […]

Strategies for Resolving Client Problems While Building Trust

Business is all about relationships. This includes both internally and externally. When problems arise, effective communication becomes even more critical to help mitigate a situation. Approaching problems in a strategic way can help to forge stronger relationships and build trust. Validate the Client’s Concern Before attempting to solve the client problems, it is important that […]

Tips for Becoming an Active Listener

Stop for a moment and think back to the most recent conversation that you had. Were you truly listening to what the other person had to say? Or were you distracted by things around you, thinking about what you need to do later, or preparing your response? Conversations are a two-way street, but so often […]