6 Tips for Re-Examining Your Phone Skills

Communication in the workplace can take many forms. Sometimes sending a concise email will suffice, while other times talking to the person face-to-face or making a phone call is necessary. When on the phone, how you convey your message is very important. The listener cannot see the expression on your face, so they rely on […]

Building Effective Teams Focused on a Common Purpose

Team building is essential in a business. Oftentimes teams they are tasked with a project that has overarching goals and requires input from different areas. Rather than focusing on individual gain, teams are working toward a common purpose and greater good. In order to maximize the benefit that teams provide, leaders must build trust, understanding, […]

Non-Verbal Communication: What the Things You Don’t Say Can Say About You

When engaging in any type of communication, there are two major components: the verbal element and the non-verbal element. The verbal element includes the actual words that you say and actually account for a small percentage of what gets communicated. In contrast, non-verbal communication includes everything else – your tone, posture, appearance, facial expression, and movements. […]