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Advising and Facilitating

Serving as strategic partners, we partner with you to deliver business solutions.

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As trusted providers, we help executives become inspirational leaders.

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Leadership Development

We provide coaching in diverse areas of leadership.

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Management Training

We help your employees and leaders build skills to increase productivity and engagement.

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Who We Serve

Senior Executives

Mastering your field as a senior professional is different from becoming an inspirational leader. With coaching, executives can gain essential leadership skills, gain executive presence, perhaps get promoted, and move from good to extraordinary. We will help you become well-positioned to drive strategy, improve performance, build morale and develop talent.

Women Leaders

Women experience different realities than men working in the same organization and face unique challenges. We will help you flourish in your role by strengthening your personal brand, celebrate your accomplishments, and increase self-confidence to professionally grow as a leader.

Leadership Teams

Whether you seek to improve your department’s morale, enhance communication, offer professional development training or enhance performance feedback, we’ve got you covered. Beginning each engagement with a thorough assessment of your needs, we position individuals, teams or organization-at-large for substantial growth.


We understand that the skills that help individuals excel in mastering their disciplines are different from the expertise required to lead or manage others. By partnering with HR Learning & Development Professionals, we help elevate employee productivity and growth.


Research & Publications

Build Your Career: Get Out of Your Own Way

While it’s impossible for any of us to know exactly what the future holds, the more I work with my clients, the more convinced I become that some of biggest stumbling blocks about our careers are sometimes of our own making. Yes, there is uncertainty related to a job...

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Pursuing Happiness & Success: The Science of Positivity

It may sound like stating the obvious, but your outlook on life, impacts your life.  Outlook is powerful in that a positive vs. negative perspective has the capability of shaping our successes vs. fueling our failures, respectively.  People generally have a...

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Getting a Promotion or a Raise: Asking Isn’t Enough

A simple, but generally unsuccessful approach to getting a promotion or a raise, is to ask for one. Another generally unsuccessful way is to ask for one merely because you have been at your job for a certain amount of time.  And a sure way to guarantee that you won’t...

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Addressing Challenges and Solving Problems: A 4-Step Approach

Each and every day, we are faced with at least one challenge—and that is probably on what many of us might consider a “light” day.  Sometimes you call it challenges, other times problems.  Whatever you call them, the idea of facing problems can be scary, but it gets...

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